Pennsylvania Triple Crown of Mountain Running




The Triple Crown showcases the best of Pennsylvania’s ultra mountain-running scene, with a perfect three-race progression of distance and difficulty across the racing season that will challenge you physically and mentally, and enrich you spiritually. These races celebrate the wild beauty of these rugged old mountains, and the vibrant trail-running culture that thrives in them. These are hard, graduate-level routes that will test you to the core, and they aren’t for beginners or casual participants. But if you’re dedicated, if you live to run fast and far over rough terrain in whatever the weather brings, join us for this ultimate test: the crown-jewel races of the Pennsylvania Triple Crown of Mountain Running.

How It Works

It’s pretty simple: complete all three races within their cutoffs and in the same year, and you’ve earned the right to be called a Triple Crown finisher. A handsome handmade Triple Crown trophy is in the works, along with other Triple Crown swag, which will be awarded at the Eastern States finish line on August 14, 2016. And of course there are the bragging rights that go with membership in what we think will be a very exclusive club. We’ll also name a King and Queen of the Mountain to be determined by using a points system. These honors come with an additional prize package. There are no extra steps, no additional fees – just enter the races and you’re in the hunt. But a word of advice: don’t wait around to register – these races are likely to sell out.

The PA Triple Crown Points System: determining the King and Queen of the Mountain. For those who can complete all three races, we will determine the most bad ass female and male runner by a simple points system. There were many aspects we had to consider and we believe we have the best system possible after hours of testing.
1. The PA Triple Crown Points System is divided into 2 categories; one for the males and one for the females. We will strictly look at how runners place in their respective gender category and not by overall finishing place. There is no age category included in our calculations.
2. All potential Triple Crown finishers are racing against the entire field of runners at each race.
3. You will receive points equal to your finishing place in your gender category. If you place 10th, you will receive 10 points. Place 4th, you’ll receive 4 points. If you are the 1st place male or female, you will receive zero points as a bonus for winning.
4. After all races have been completed, the male and female with the least amount of points will be declared the winners.
5. In case of a tie, we will look at the runners results head to head for each race.
Here is an example of how it might look.
Racer’s       Hyner 50k     WEU100k     ES100
Racer A            9th                8th             4th     =  21 pts
Racer B            7th                2nd            3rd     =  12 pts
Racer C            1st                 3rd             8th     =  11 pts
Racer D            3rd               4th             5th      =  12 pts
Racer E            2nd               1st              20th   =  22 pts
As you can easily see, being consistent for every race is critical to being crowned. While Racer E started out great, the last race did Racer E in with such a poor finish compared to the other runners. Between Racer B, C and D, the edge is given to Racer C due to the bonus of winning the race.

Hyner 50k

The granddaddy of the bunch, Hyner has been a rite of passage for a generation of Pennsylvania trail runners, the inspiration for so many other races, and the standard by which all the others are judged. From the first brutal climb up Humble Hill to the View, through the remote beauty of Ritchie Run, to the final screaming descent of Huff Run, this annual celebration of spring in the mountains will either validate your winter training, or serve as a cold, hard wake-up call for the challenges ahead.

  • Registration: SOLD OUT
  • Race: April 22, 2017

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Worlds End 100K

For pure rugged beauty, Worlds End is truly world-class. With brilliant waterfalls and breathtaking vistas around every bend, WEU is the most scenery-dense of the Triple Crown races, and mile for mile one of the toughest and most beautiful courses you’ll find anywhere. It’s a smorgasbord sampling of Worlds End State Park, the Loyalsock Trail, and the surrounding forest – 62 miles of rocky, rooty trail goodness, and a perfect step towards the final challenge.

  • Registration: SOLD OUT
  • Race: June 3, 2017
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Eastern States 100

An ultimate test for the strongest and toughest: the longest climbs, the remotest trails, the most technical terrain, and all in the glorious heat and humidity of August. This circumnavigation of Pine Creek and the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon visits some of our most storied trails (like the Mid State Trail and the Black Forest Trail) and accumulates well over 20,000 feet of climbing in the process. You’ll pay a high price for these miles, but you’ll reap a reward beyond measure.

  • Registration: SOLD OUT
  • Race: August 12, 2017
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2016 Results

Congratulations to all the bad ass finishers of this years inaugural PA Triple Crown of Mountain Running! It was a wild and crazy ride for anyone who attempted to complete the series. We started with 258 runners in contention after the Hyner Trail Challenge 50k, our early season warm-up race. The weather was great for the 10th running of the race and lots of runners were looking forward to keeping the runner’s high going for the next one in the series. With a mild and wet Worlds End 100k, the numbers were hacked to 66 contenders. Finally, after a brutal 36 hours, Eastern States 100 left only 4 women and 16 men standing tall to earn the coveted title of PA Triple Crown Finisher! Race day temperatures ran in the mid-90’s with oppressive humidity which led to a heat index of 109 degrees. The carnage was high with only a 33% finishing rate (that’s almost exactly 1/3 for you math conversion nuts out there). With a rate like that, the only remaining question for the finishers is what hurts more today – your aching muscles or your tender, swollen, blistered feet? However you’re recovering, we hope you’re doing it while admiring the hard earned buckle.

The Crowning of the King and Queen of the Mountain. After a tight points race with both the men and women, Jess Gockley ran away with the title of Queen of the Mountain while Jonathan Lantz edged out Adam Russell by one point to earn the King of the Mountain crown. The beauty of the series is that until you cross the finish line at Eastern States, it’s anyone’s crown to take home. What these runners endured and how they poured their heart and soul into reaching the top is amazing. What a way to finish the series!

If you think you have what it takes to complete this wild series of mountain races, 2017 is right around the corner!

David Walker


2016 Finishers

Current Standings


Jess Gockley 1 6
Suzie Spangler 2 28
Stacy Kotsko 3 30
Cassandra Lizza 4 40


Jonathan Lantz 1 9
Adam Russell 2 10
David Lantz 3 19
David Stango 4 23
Danny Mowers 5 36
Carlos Darby 6 61
Phillip Pawlukovich 7 63
Ryan Espulgar 8 102
Angus Lane 9 107
Thomas McNerney 10 107
Krzysztof Jamroz 11 184
Eddie Carrigg 12 186
Michael Schaffer 13 235
Larry Creveling 14 241
Jack Blanchard 15 250
Gary Bowman 16 257

2016 Finishers

King and Queen
Jonathan Lantz
Jess Gockley

Jess Gockley
Suzie Spangler
Stacy Kotsko
Cassandra Lizza

Jonathan Lantz
Adam Russell
David Lantz
David Stango
Danny Mowers
Carlos Darby
Phillip Pawlukovich
Ryan Espulgar
Thomas McNerney
Angus Lane
Eddie Carrigg
Krzysztof Jamroz
Michael Schaffer
Larry Creveling
Jack Blanchard
Gary Bowman

2017 Finishers


2018 Finishers


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